Teachinque of the Kogan SchoolEdit

  • Tsuchirai (Thundering of the Earth): Is a technique used when the opponent was pressing down from above, bucking the user's body powerfully and using the laverage, to stike a powerful blow with the hilt of the sword or the fist, into the solar plexus.

Hidden Technique of the Kogan SchoolEdit

  • Nagare (Flow): After lunching an attack from a seemingly large distance, you let your right hand, slide from it's orignal position beneath the guard, down to the end of the hilt, there by increasing the sword's effective range. A precise control of grip strength is needed for the technique, without it, the performer risked having his sword fly out of his hand.
  • Nagare Boshi (Shooting Star): You hold the sword between index finger and middle finger at the right hand and in the left you hold the tip of the sword between index finger and middle finger, there by increasing the speed, power and range of the sword.
  • Nagare Toshi (Falling Star): You hold the sword between index finger and middle finger there by increasing the speed.
  • Nagare Hien (Leaping Monkey): You stand with your back to the opponent and hold the sword with your right hand, you can see your opponent in your sword. You jump to the right or left and when you swing your sword at the opponent, you let the sword slide from it's orignal position, down to the end of the hilt. There by increasing the range, speed and power of the sword.

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