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Mie Iwamoto (岩本 三重 Iwamoto Mie)

Mie is arguably the most complex and ambiguous of the characters in Shigurui. Mie is the only main character whose thoughts are rarely made clear to the audience. An old male servant noted throughout her life Mie rarely smiled. When Mie was 7, her father Kogan, had slashed the sparrows nest she had christened in twain. At 11, when Kogan observed his wife had hung herself in a cell due to unknown circumstances, his only words were “fool”. Though little is known about her mother, it is clear her father cared little for his her, even sending for his mistress Iku after the 2nd anniversary of her death had only just ended. In his demonic state, Kogan also ordered his disciples to hold down Mie and ordered Iraku to consummate his marriage by raping her front of all Kogan-ryuu disciples. Her heart is broken by Fujiki who was one of the disciples who held her down. The only light of happiness to Mie was in falling in love with Iraku, who was the only man present who was not a puppet. This was short lived, and her heart was broken again when Iraku continued an affair with Iku despite being betrothed to her. It was this point Mie was “reborn” into a demon with a penchant for random acts of madness throughout the rest of the story. Her relationship with Iraku and Fujiki are complex. Caught between fulfilling her duty in seeking vengeance against Iraku for her father’s death and her love towards him. Though Mie possessed no carnal desire towards Fujiki, she does care deeply for him. Sasahara observed with admiration for Mie’s cutting firewood with a hatchet simply by pressing down against it similar to Fujiki. Mie also demonstrates some awareness of swordsmanship. It was her action of deliberately dropping her sword which provided Fujiki with the idea of dropping his sword when fighting Iraku. Sasahara also observed with admiration that Mie managed to cut firewood with a hatchet simply by pressing down against.

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